Can anyone say anything good about Zoloft?

Zoloft preparation has been invented and produced by the Pfizer company in April 1991. Its basic healing feature is applied in patients with severe depression condition. In the USA Zoloft has been approved by the FDA in October 1997. Being a member of the SSRI group of remedies, it enhances levels of serotonin agents in a junction between neurons and blocks reuptake of serotonin in the brain tissue.

As this preparation is supposed to be rather powerful, there are certain pros and cons of its use. In this article several opinions of ordinary customers are displayed. These views show personal feedbacks about experienced benefits, side effects and other issues. For privacy reasons, below mentioned names and locations have been changed.

Several opinions from consumers

Can anyone say anything good about Zoloft? Lora James from Seattle was consuming the tablets during half a year to treat severe anxiety. She was really pleased with obtained results and would go on to take them. Lora complained about side responses as well; those included sweats and sometimes bad dreams during the night. Aside from these effects, she felt really fantastic.

Another user, Gabriel Marci, from New York has been on Zoloft pills for more than 3 years. But it happened that her receipt for tablets ran out and the medical company did not refill it in time. Therefore, she had to be without preparation for several days. Actually, she did not stop it – just ran out. Thus, her only trouble was whether severe migraines would come back to her without tablets or no.

Some consumers administer remedy for several months, like it was in the case of Jack Robertson, New Castle. His wife was really amazed at the distinction it caused in his individual just after a short time he started the med. He really changed from an irritable grumpy man to a normal one. Indeed, it was an amazing change. In addition, he has started to review his own meanings and inner beliefs, also has begun to behave in a manner contrary to those convictions according to his discovered “perceptions”. Thus, the patient and his wife had to get consultancy from healthcare specialist and to know whether it is a side effect from the med or no.

An amazing feedback from Australia

Linda Ramsy from Sidney could find numerous facts about the Zoloft preparation throughout internet easily. But mostly she could reach only negative feedbacks. Nevertheless, the interesting fact is that this woman considers the remedy the best thing that happened to her since last 3 years.

Since she remembered herself as a child, during teenage and adult years, mood swings and suicidal thoughts were her constant accompaniers. Having such attacks from time to time, but regularly, she saw her life depressed indeed and full of miseries.

From another side, she sensed side effects as well; they included weird dreams and spasms in muscle tissue. But they did not cause too much trouble and finally she got used to them. For her situation, these reactions were really tiny compared to advantages Zoloft has created in refining her mental state. Having read all negative comments, she could only think that probably these tablets can be more effective for an individual with similar to her conditions. Also, it should not be diagnosed in cases where it is unworkable or even destructive.

Summing up, we can see in the above examples, that patients do need the preparation. In most cases, their health conditions could not be treated by other means. Moreover, they received really useful benefits even together with few side effects, which are very individual.