What is erectile dysfunction in man?

Numerous men in the world suffer from state of erectile dysfunction; it is indicated as insufficiency of sexual experience in male customers. This state is commonly induced by physiological factor or some sicknesses. It is a form of sexual malady which does not let males to keep on an erection during the sexual performance. From the medical point of view, an erection is possible when blood can reach and stay in penis tissues, which have sponge structure.

What is erectile dysfunction in man? This condition can be activated when sexual activation is held and neurons in the penis receive signals from the brain. The reasons of this complication can be explained by problems with heart, diabetes of 1st or 2nd types, neurological states, imbalance of hormones, taking other remedies, smoking and others. In a situation of psychological troubles ED happens when an erection cannot occur because of various thoughts or senses.

An ED is recognized as one of the basic hazards for an intimate performance in men. In some occasions it can be the reason of male barrenness and cause embarrassing states. All in all, it is not only influences on the general situation with health, but can create problems in private life as well.

This sickness has turned into most extensively influencing states in men of the modern generation. Almost each second man suffers from this sexual sickness. Moreover, some adolescents also report about another type of sexual complication, called early ejaculation.

What are the reasons and symptoms of ED in males?

As clinical surveys show, there are a lot of main factors what induce impotence malady:

  • smoking;
  • heavy drinking;
  • intake of various meds, which can show up in this side effect;
  • various maladies, including cancer, imbalanced hormones, diabetes;
  • psychological issues (stress, depressive thoughts, neurogenic sicknesses, etc.);
  • complications with kidney;
  • injuries or diseases of genital organs.

When customers start to complain about impotence, they usually sense irritation, depressive state, acute anxiety, pain in the chest area, the absence of sexual aspiration and failure to obtain a state of erection.

In order to understand the clear picture whether this malady really exist, therapists normally make several checks; they include physical, blood, urine and psychological tests. Moreover, most of patients should go for ultrasound check up and monitor overnight erection.

Ways of healing of the complication

When patients feel really fed up with ED and troubles in private lives, they start to seek for proper solutions. For such occasions, pharmaceutical companies offer remedy Kamagra which can fight with annoying sexual state in males, or impotence. The pills are consumed by mouth and have various strength of basic component Sildenafil. This main ingredient, Sildenafil citrate, has outstanding effect on men’s sexual health. Its consumption activates the flow of blood into penis tissue, creating a proper state for sexual intercourse.

The available manufactured dosage is 25mg, 50mg and 100mg of Sildenafil. Each tablet should be administered an hour before the intimacy, as the remedy is dissolves into blood during 35-40 minutes. Normally, only one amount can be used during 24 hours. Be sure that you do not suffer from any health condition and consult the therapist beforehand. In addition, followers should exclude harmful habits like smoking or taking harmful substances.