When can I drink alcohol after finishing Metronidazole?

Precautions not to consume alcoholic drinks when one administers a remedy are very often disregarded, but combining Mentronidazole (or Flagyl remedy) with spirits can make a customer feel very ill. Below information will help to understand what can occur when the mentioned substances are combined together.When can I drink alcohol after finishing Metronidazole

Probable noted interactions

Metronidazole stands for the generic term of the preparation Flagyl. This efficient bacteria fighter cure helps fight numerous infections, starting from ulcers in the stomach to inflammation of the meninges. In most cases, patients can sense such side reactions as nausea, at times vomiting. In addition, this preparation is announced to interact severely with molecules of ethanol (the basic name of alcohol substance).

Consuming even low dose of spirit while one administers Flagyl can induce acute sickness. These substances when used together can create tachycardia, vomiting, shortage of breath. Such reactions are known as being alike with actions of Antabus – a med that heals alcoholism by making sufferers feel sick once they consume hard drinks.

Evidently, drinks that contain spirit cannot be used during therapy with the remedy. At the same time, low amounts of spirit can also be detected in some substance. Several types of mouthwash hygienic liquid as well as cold remedies include molecules of spirit. In addition, some very low amounts can be served during religious services. Customers have to evade any of these origins of spirit during the course of Metronidazole. Moreover, coming 72 hours after the last dose should pass without threat of hard drinks intake as well.

What is the reason of harmful responses?

As the remedy has the same reaction like Antabuse while mixed with spirit, scientists initiallty supposed that these two preparations work similarly. Normally, cells of liver partition molecules of ethanol during two stages: at first it becomes acetaldehyde, and then becomes acetic acid. The med Antabuse suppresses the second stage, creating a higher level of acetaldehyde pieces in blood flow. Thus, the sufferer will sense vomiting and flushing.

Latest laboratory tests have proved that molecules of Metronidazole do not suppress the decomposition of acetaldehyde. Also, it was detected that acetaldehyde substance does not become higher when Mentronidazole and spirit are mixed. Consequently, another type of working mechanism must be in action. One group of studies indicated that it could be connected with increased level of serotonin. Such conclusion was made due to tests on rats; the level of their serotonin became higher when they were given small pieces of the remedy.

Another group of scientists noticed that only 10 cases in humans announced about a harmful Mentronidazole-alcohol action and concluded that the issue probably is not as usual as researches thought earlier. Though, they informed that maybe such “action may happen in several smaller groups”. Thus, it is rather logic decision to evade combining this remedy and hard drinks.