Ambien (Zolpidem)

Dosages: 10 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Ambien, as a sedative remedy, has been created to heal various sleep maladies in adult sufferers. Chemically, it is composed from active ingredient Zolpidem, which is known as generic name as well. Molecules of generic Ambien provide deceleration of special processes in the brain membrane. Such action allows the human body feels relaxed and let a sufferer have complete rest at night.

Usually the remedy is indicated as 10 mg dose one time per day before going to sleep. Although Ambien can be obtained without prescription, it is not always works for anybody. A previous medical check is an obligatory, as it will help to detect the optimal healing course for each separate case.

The most requested usages of the drug

As this remedy has enormous sedative potency, it is normally prescribed for states of severe insomnia, when patients find it difficult to fall asleep, or in cases when waking ups repeat during the night hours. As a rule, healthcare specialists advise generic Ambien for a short time – 7-14 days on average. Such short term is explained by negative complications, which can be induced by the remedy.

Meantime, some users administer the drug for recreational aims – they may feel euphoria, or if they need to increase sedative actions of other remedies. Patients, who choose to take higher amounts or do not go to bed after the intake – may feel severe hallucinations, which are the first sign of abuse. Additionally, individuals who use it incorrectly are likely to have partial loss of memory and unstable coordination.

Which potential side reactions can occur?

Whereas this cure can bring extremely good healing results to individuals with acute insomnia, it has some potential risks as well. Here is the list of the main side effects:

  1. Vertigo and feeling constant somnolence.
  2. Unstable changes in mood (depressive thought, anxious reactions to ordinary events).
  3. Feeling confused or uncoordinated.
  4. Partial memory deprivation.
  5. Odd dreams during sleep, which did not happen before.

In case any of the above states occur, you should stop your pills as soon as possible and seek for medical assistance, as such conditions can be rather risky for life.

Threats and warnings in case of overdose

Overdose situation is an overall hazard, which may happen when medications are abused. Most of overdose cases occur when patients expect immediate results or feel tolerance to the pills. From the other side, when Ambien is mixed with alcohol beverages or different chemical substances (for example, drugs), an overdose is likely to occur as well.

As well, some individuals may forget to administer the pill or forget about the first tablet, and thus usually take double amounts. It is rather risky, and may cause the following results:

  • increased sleepiness;
  • very slow breathing, which can create a deficit of oxygen in the body;
  • decreased heart rhythm (or bradycardia);
  • coma.

Any of the above states must be medically cared at once. Seek for professional medical assistance urgently, as overdose symptoms are rather dangerous for life.

General representation about drug interactions

Clinical studies have detected that chemical interaction between different remedies can totally change mechanism of their work, and can enhance the chance for acute side reactions.

Xyrem (or sodium oxybate) is the most famous interactive agent for Ambien – it has an opposite healing effect and is prescribed for narcolepsy sufferers. Rifadin, Nizoral and some other remedies can slow down the removal of the drug from human organism, thus change mechanism of work of Zolpidem active molecules.

This list lets patients know about most general interactions. Other remedies may have potential risks as well – inform your medician about all substances you administer.

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