Ativan (Lorazepam)

Dosages: 1 mg, 2 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Pharmaceutical and medical professionals determine Ativan as one the basic benzodiazepine remedies and it can be found under generic term Lorazepam as well. Its efficiency is proved in healing acute anxiety conditions, sleeping disturbances, and severe states of convulsions in epileptic sufferers. Specialists of recovery centers for addicted patients find it efficient in curing alcohol withdrawal states and for severe coronary condition in cocaine users. Oncologists often heal sickness and vomiting in sufferers who had chemotherapy healing sessions with this medication.

How does it work in the body?

The drug is rather famous as anti anxiety substance which provides tranquilizing, sedative, and anticonvulsive effects by depressing the nervous system. This fact is explained by its benzodiazepine origin and activating GABA transmitters in the human organism.

The good news about Ativan is that it does not damage liver tissue and cells like other kinds of benzodiazepines. This extra advantage is usually considered in people, who also administer birth control hormonal tablets, Propranolol, remedies for ulcer in the stomach, or other medical substances which can affect processes in the liver.

Usually effects of the drug can be noted within 7-10 days when used as an anti-anxiety agent. Patients with insomnia condition will see the expected result in first 1-3 hours after intake.

Which diagnosis can be cured?

As all nervous states are usually managed by neuropathologists or psychiatrists, the prescript for the cure is a must. Nevertheless tablets are obtainable without prescription in various pharmacies. Such situation is rather comfortable for users, who lost the receipt by any reason. Generic Ativan has proved its effectiveness in curing the below sicknesses:

  • acute anxiety states and problems with sleeping in adults and pediatric patients over 12 years of age;
  • premedication therapy for anesthetic manipulations in adults;
  • epileptic conditions in adults, caused by various health states;
  • severe convulsions for pediatric patients;
  • certain kinds of nervous excitement states, for example, agitation, mania, petulance;
  • paranoid type of schizophrenia (as a calming tool);
  • the acute severe tension in psychiatry (injected as a sedative substance).

Consider basic warnings before the cure

In pediatric practice the drug is commonly used to cure severe convulsions in pediatric patients. At the same time it was not studied for treating any other illnesses. Thus, pediatricians do not use it commonly for any nervous system disorder in their prescriptions.

As the remedy has sedative features, it can imbalance coordination and level of concentration. If you feel yourself unstable during the course, you are better not to drive or use heave mechanisms until your state is normalized.

Medical professionals are working with cases of generic Ativan abuse rather often. The dark side of the substance can show up as psychological or physical state of dependence. Abrupt quit is forbidden, and patients should decrease doses little by little under medical control. It will help to avoid severe withdrawal states.

Clinical studies did not prove the safety of the remedy in pregnant and breastfeeding females. By this means, these categories of sufferers are not advised to administer it.

Which interactions have been detected?

Some groups of chemical substances are risky in interaction with Ativan active ingredients, such as:

  1. Clozapine as a strong antipsychotic cure can enhance sedative effects.
  2. Hemochron, Macrolide, Depakene, and Benemid can cause over activation of the drug effects.
  3. Hormonal pills for birth control and stimulants can reduce the efficiency.
  4. Combination with Lithium carbonate may cause changes in body temperature.

These are the main chemical interactions and extra details can be provided by the medician.

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