Flagyl (Metronidazole)

Dosages: 200 mg, 400 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Infectious disease specialists indicate Flagyl in cases of acute infections in various parts of the body (bones, pelvic area, gums, etc.). These types of contagions are originally induced by special kind of bacteria, which can survive and grow without oxygen access.

Generic Flagyl is also obtainable without prescription under name Metronidazole – it is widely used to cure such diseases, as dental abscesses, ulcerative gingivitis, bacterial vaginosis, pelvic cellulitis, peritonitis, osteomyelitis, septecaemia, sepsis and many others. It is commonly used by therapists, pediatricians, dentists, surgeons, and other specialists.

How does Flagyl work in the organism?

The aim of the remedy is to interfere with genetic material of bacteria, which is located in the core of their cells. Healing effects appear when the DNA of bacteria is destroyed, thus they cannot create new DNA and survive. Eventually active molecules of generic Flagyl eliminate micro-lives and remove the contagion itself.

To see the final results of the cure your medician will make extra medical examinations (for example, a blood test). It will help to detect whether bacteria become receptive to the remedy or not.

Before you start the cure

Infections are rather dangerous illnesses and can damage the human organism considerably. Afore you begin any cure, consult with your medician and inform him/her if you ever had allergic responds to any medication            ns, chemical substances, or food. Prevent yourself from unpredictable results and let your physician find out if you ever had:

  1. Blood illnesses (anemia, hematologic disease, thalassemia, or others).
  2. Any complications of brain, nerve cells, dendrites, or spinal cord.
  3. Liver or kidney dysfunctions – these organs are the main body filters and help to delete organic trash from organism.
  4. Inflammations of colon or ileum.
  5. You drink alcohol beverages – avoid any alcohol 24 hours before and after the healing.
  6. Females are better to inform if they are going to conceive, already pregnant or nursing.

Administer your pills properly

As a rule, when medician prescribes generic forms of this remedy to cure or preclude infections, he/she should take into consideration these essential facts:

  • detect the length and frequency of intake accurately;
  • find out what the type of infection is and how acute it is;
  • check the age of the patient;
  • examine liver functionality.

Your healing results will depend on how accurately you follow special recommendations. Thus, follow all mentioned advices and consume your pills evenly during the day. If you skipped your scheduled pill – leave it out and consume the next dose as planned. Administer your dose during the meal with a cup of water.

It is important to finish the course of Flagyl, even if your health state has improved and it seems that the malady has vanished. The only case when you can stop pills – is when you medician advise you so. The early stopping of the course may activate the probability that an infection will come back and become resistant to the cure.

In which cases you cannot take Metronidazole?

Sufferers, who ever had hypersensitivity responses to the nitromidazole group of antibiotic, or any additional components, should stay apart from this cure. Allergic signs may vary and appear as a rash on skin, unstable breathing, swelling of different parts of the body, etc.

Avoid Flagyl if you have or ever had blood diseases or complications of the nervous system (brain, nerve cells, or spinal cord). Check the package attentively – tablets should not be expired, as they will not provide any effect or can worse the state. Damaged or torn package is a reason to feel alarmed as well – be sure that your pack has factory protection.

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