Kamagra (Sildenafil)

Dosages: 50mg, 100mg
Prescription: Not Needed
Buy Kamagra Online?

Medical specialists suggest Kamagra in healing special male’s conditions, when the erection of the penis does not appear even when combined with sexual arousal.  The active ingredient and generic name of the remedy is Sildenafil, which is dosed at 100mg per pill. When sexual excitation takes place, healing molecules of the cure activate blood stream to flow into penis tissues. This natural process is violated in individuals with ED, thus generic Kamagra will help to solve this complication.

Brief instructions for proper usage

There is a variety of medicines obtainable without prescription, including Kamagra pills. Whenever you have a need in extra assistance in the sexual life, check whether this remedy can be helpful. By this means, you can follow the below tips or consult your medician beforehand:

  1. The basic amount is indicated as 50 mg and it should be administered at least 30 minutes before the planned sex occasion. As well, this amount can be changed as per appeared side actions and efficiency.
  2. 100 mg is the maximum allowed amount per day. The pill can be consumed with full or empty stomach; just you should avoid fatty meals.
  3. Your healthcare expert can see that your health state needs another amount of the remedy, so you should follow the exact advice.
  4. You cannot share this drug with other people who may have similar conditions – it can be harmful and dangerous.

Who cannot use the cure?

These groups of individuals are better to avoid generic Kamagra intake:

  • who are hypersensitive to the drug active and additional components;
  • who takes medications, which contain nitrate molecules are not combined with Sildenafil – it can result in very low blood pressure;
  • those, who administer Riociguat;
  • patients, who are strongly recommended to avoid sexual relations;
  • any ophthalmology severe complications.

Let your pharmacist know if you ever experienced the above states and choose with him the alternative remedy. 

Which side effects can show up?

As all remedies are basically chemical substances, they are likely to react with other substances and body cells as well. These reactions are the basic reasons why side effects appear. They can be moderate and acute, temporal or constant.

The below list of side effects is not guaranteed to occur, but yet users should know about them. Most of them can be controlled, while others are likely to vanish on their own after a short time. Apply for medical consultation if you feel any of these conditions:

  • acute headache or migraine;
  • stuffy nose and cough;
  • dry mouth, feeling thirsty all the time;
  • severe dizziness, especially when standing up;
  • bleeding from the nose or gums;
  • pain in muscles;
  • reduced level of blood pressure;
  • inability to hear well;
  • partly or total memory loss for short periods;
  • serious changes in eyesight.

You should stop consuming Kamagra and seek urgent medical check, if you feel pain in the chest, unstable breathing, durable and painful erection of the penis, signs of hypersensitivity, bleeding from respiratory organs, symptoms of stroke. 

Additional precautions for this remedy

Alcoholic beverages in large amounts usually decrease chances to obtain an erection. As well they can lower blood pressure and be the reason of severe dizziness.

Grapefruit juice contains special active parts, which are likely to increase the amount of the remedy in the blood. Thus, do not drink this juice or eat grapefruits while taking the cure.

Males, who have complications with prostate, are better to avoid Kamagra. Double actions can happen, and result in extremely low blood pressure.

This remedy does not protect males against sexually transmitted disorders (HIV, syphilis and others). Thus, additional means of protection should be used in case a risky intercourse occurs.

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