Klonopin (Clonazepam)

Dosages: 1mg, 2mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Klonopin is determined as benzodiazepine medicine, which is widely used by psychiatric professionals in curing severe seizures in epileptic sufferers and acute anxiety attacks. As well, it is manufactured under the generic term Clonazepam and this remedy is obtainable without prescription in tablets of 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg. The effectiveness of the cure shows up in approximately 60 minutes, and lasts from 6 to 12 hours.

Common symptoms, which can be treated with the drug

Scientific studies have detected, that benzodiazepine group of medications (as well Klonopin) is very effective in healing these conditions:

  • to treat convulsions, seizures and anxiety states for a short term;
  • to ease states in schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders;
  • to manage depression states, which are accompanied with acute insomnia, irritability, restlessness, and severe anxiety;
  • to cure sleeping cycles in sufferers with insomnia;
  • it helps to relax muscles in people with tic diseases;
  • to aid complications in addicted users, including withdrawal symptoms.

Due to its curing features, this drug provides decompression, decreases level of anxiety, a moderate feeling of euphoria, and slows down reflexes in the body.

How to find out the optimal dose?

Sufferers with panic disorders can start the course with an initial dose of 0.25 mg two times per day. Every 72 hours this amount can be enlarged with 0.125-0.25 mg (2 times per day as well). The estimated amount for this condition should not exceed 1 mg on a daily basis. Although some sufferers may require larger dose and usually it is detected after some medical tests. When a patient is at the end of the course, he/she should set the gradual quitting and reduce doses little by little as per medical advices.

Generic Klonopin can heal states of stress in patients, who had traumatic occasions. The range of doses can be from 0.25 till 3 mg per day, which works well in these patients.

Another usage of the drug has proven its efficiency in sufferers with social phobia. The dosage varies from 1 mg to 2.5 during the day. States of mania are cured with much larger amount – 10 mg per day.

Is overdose situation possible?

Mostly overdose cases occur with people, who consume generic forms of Klonopin (which are benzodiazepines as well) with alcohol beverages, opiates or other narcotic painkillers, or antidepressant cures. These combinations are rather dangerous and most probably will result in an overdose situation, as the effects of all substances are enhanced. As well, the potential risks are probable because of interactions between the mentioned remedies.

Thus, users should be careful and avoid any probable risky situations. In case an overdose occurs, you should search for emergency medical help as soon.

The commonest precautions

As any other benzodiazepine remedy, Clonazepam tablets should not be administered by some groups of users. The following individuals must consult the medical professional before the treatment:

  1. Pregnant females are not indicated with the remedy, as it is rather harmful to the developing baby.
  2. Sufferers, who have hypersensitivity to benzodiazepine molecules.
  3. Sufferers with acute liver complications, kidney abnormalities and severe ophthalmology illnesses in the anamnesis.
  4. Users, who take these substances: alcohol beverages, sedative drugs, sleeping aid medicines, or any kind of tranquilizers.
  5. Drivers or operators of heavy equipment are advised to stop their duties during the cure.
  6. Individuals with suicidal tendencies should be under medical control all the time while taking Klonopin.

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