Lasix (Furosemide)

Dosages: 40 mg, 100 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Cardiologists and physicians usually use Lasix or its generic form Furosemide as effective diuretic – it helps to enhance production of urine. They are often called “water pills”, as they help to eliminate redundant liquid from the organism, especially when it is retained in larger amounts than needed for usual body functions. This excess liquid causes tiredness and trouble breathing, as well as swelling in the limbs. Such state is called edema and it is usually induced by heart illnesses.

Another usage of generic Lasix has shown great efficiency in patients with hypertension. This remedy is indicated for states of increased blood pressure in cases, when other diuretic remedies cannot control the state.

Before initiating the healing course

Some medical substances can be improper for individuals with specific health states. You can get this effective diuretic without prescription, but consult with the healthcare professional beforehand and let him/her know more details about your health:

  • pregnant or nursing females should administer Lasix with extra care or avoid it at all;
  • troublesome urinating, or prostate sicknesses in males;
  • diabetes of 1st or 2nd type;
  • abnormal levels of sodium salts, as well as potassium elements in blood;
  • consider other medical substances you are consuming;
  • hypersensitivity reactions to the remedy.

How to consume tablets properly?

Check manufacturer’s recommendations before initiating the course. You will have complete detailed facts about the remedy, its specifications and probable side reactions.

Administer your tablets as it was indicated by the medical professional – usually it is one dose, and it is consumed in the morning hours after breakfast. Some individuals may be advised to divide prescribed amount into 2 doses and take them in scheduled hours during the day.

As well, it is allowed to change the time if you have leave home and will not be able to use the toilet. You can delay the morning pill of Furosemide, but do not administer it after 4 PM.

Get the best results from your cure

Try to appoint regular checks with your medician, so he/she could see the progression. Level of salts can become unbalanced, so additional blood tests may be required.

As diuretic drugs help organism to delete extra water – it can be lost too much and dehydration may occur. Inform your healthcare specialist if you feel thirsty, extremely exhausted, cramps in muscles, or your skin is dry. Most probably your dosage or water consumption should be changed.

Sufferers, who were indicated with generic Lasix for hypertension, are likely to be advised about extra changes in their lives. Usually they include changes in lifestyle – quitting smoking, reducing salt and fats in daily meals, and taking regular physical activities. These steps will be useful in protecting the organism from extra complications with the cardiovascular system.

Diabetics should be more careful with Lasix, as it can increase levels of sugar enormously. Regular tests of blood sugar will help to avoid critical situations.

Which problems can be caused?

Together with beneficial results, most remedies can induce unpleasant side reactions, although not all users feel them. General side reactions to Lasix and possible solutions for handling them are as follows:

  1. Indigestion and/or feeling sick – these effects are usually moderate and can be vanished by consuming tablets after meals.
  2. Some individuals may feel dizzy, especially when standing up. Thus, try to get up and move slowly, as well avoid driving or using heavy equipment.
  3. The dry mouth effect can be deleted by chewing sugar-free gums.
  4. Troublesome tiredness, acute headache or unstable eyesight should be checked by a doctor.

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