Levitra (Vardenafil)

Dosages: 10mg, 20mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Levitra is widely sold under the generic name Vardenafil as well, and has proven its basic healing feature in fixing males’ individual health problems. It helps to cope with the absence of erection by affecting separate blood vessels in male penis tissues, blood flows inside them, and thus erection occurs. Usually it is obtainable after certain medical checks and males should have a prescript. But since many years, this medicine can be found without prescription as well.

What frequency of cure intake is reasonable?

Period of half-life of this drug is 5 hours on average, but it does not mean that you need to administer tablets each 5-6 hours. Active molecules of Vardenafil are totally washed out from organism during 24 hours. If you need another pill, you should wait not less than this period.

Users, who avoid this advice and take tablet whenever they want, are likely to experience overdose states. It is rather unsafe, especially for patients who had complications of cardiovascular system, heart attacks or stroke. Generic Levitra is an effective males’ assistant when consumed rationally.

How to detect the reasonable amount of the drug?

Pharmaceutical factories produce Levitra in tablets of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The primary amount should not be more than 10 mg if other is not advised by your healthcare specialist. Males who seek for the best sexual performance, should administer the pill from 30 to 60 minutes before the expected intercourse.

Create a comfortable atmosphere and use foreplay with your partner in order to feel aroused, as the remedy cannot be the cause of erection alone. Mild amounts of alcohol are allowable, but males are better not to mix alcohol beverages with the tablet.  You can administer the cure before or after mealtime, just seek for light meals.

General warning facts about side effects

Mostly, medications are strong chemical substances, which can cause acute or moderate side effects on human organism. Each tenth male may likely feel severe headache after generic Levitra intake. Stuffy nose, indigestion, feeling dizzy or flushing on the face can appear as well. Mostly, these reactions are not dangerous and will vanish in 2-3 hours.

A certain number of severe side effects may occur as well. Patients are strongly advised to stop taking the pills if any of these symptoms take place:

  • extremely acute hypersensitive reactions;
  • feeling abnormal sharp sounds in the ears, or total loss of hearing;
  • irregular heart rhythm, which was rather stable before the intake;
  • tumidity of face, hands or feet;
  • feeling difficult in your chest while breathing;
  • the ache in chest – its cause can be problems with heart or respiratory organs.

As a rule, patients cannot cope with such conditions alone and need urgent medical examination. Some of the above complications may need additional medical checks and treatment.

Take into consideration probable interactions

Certain groups of medical substances can cause serious reactions when consumed together with Levitra pills. Sufferers complained about potentially unsafe low level of blood pressure, which usually makes people feeling dizzy or even fainting. Another dangerous side can appear as stroke in the brain blood tubes or probable heart attack in patients with weak blood system.

To complete the picture of probable interactions, it is worth to mention the list of the drugs non combinable with Levitra:

  1. Remedies for recreation, which contain nitrate molecules among other ingredients (e.g. Adempas).
  2. Antibiotics of general action and antifungals.
  3. Other types of drugs, which helps to get an erection or to treat conditions with prostate.
  4. Medications for cardiovascular disorders.
  5. HIV/AIDS remedies.

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