Dosages: 37.5 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Nutritionists choose Adipex or its generic variation Phentermine to indicate for patients with overweight for efficient loss of extra weight. The principal feature of generic Phentermine appears in decreasing wish to eat large portions, as well as in activation of metabolism processes (thus, calories are burned faster).

Originally it was approved in 1959 as an additional drug for diet and used by individuals, who have index of body-mass over 30 units. It is a controlled medical substance, and curing period cannot exceed 21 days. This period is considered to be enough to get used to the new regime and users can reduce weight on their own without any chemical support.

Tips on determining Phentermine amount

Pharmaceutical firms produce this remedy as regular tablets or capsules, and as dissolving pills. Various manufacturers offer different strength of the drug, so individuals can choose the suitable one and obtain it without prescription.

Initial intake should be started from lower amounts. Then, further medical checks will show whether patients require more or less amounts of generic Phentermine. This remedy provides the best results when taken without food, for example 1 hour before the breakfast, or 2-3 hours after it. Do not take a pill after 6:00 PM and skip it if you forgot about it during the daytime – the remedy contains active agents, which may cause insomnia in patients.

What warnings should be considered?

Healthcare specialists, who advise Adipex in overweight cases, warn their patients from taking additional weight-loss remedies or herbal substances during the few weeks of cure. As well, there are groups of patients who cannot take these pills as per health conditions, such as:

  • an acute form of atherosclerosis;
  • various complications with heart muscle;
  • unstable blood pressure and weak blood vessels;
  • glaucoma or other acute ophthalmology diseases;
  • diabetes of 1st or 2nd type;
  • drug abuse in anamnesis;
  • unstable nervous system;
  • if users took MAO inhibitors (Nardil, or others) within last two weeks;
  • deficit of iodine or complications with thyroid;
  • pregnant or nursing females.

In case, sufferers experience trouble breathing, ache in chest, faint, or swelling in limbs, they should stop the medicine immediately and check with nutritionist their health state.

Be aware of probable side effects

Like any medical substance, Phentermine can cause certain side reactions, although they are not likely to occur with each user. Whether you notice any of the below symptoms and they do not vanish on their own, apply for medical consultancy as soon:

  1. Dry mouth and feeling thirsty.
  2. Complications with digestive organs (constipation, stomachache, diarrhea, etc.).
  3. Severe headache or migraine.
  4. Signs of allergy – itching, trouble breathing, red spots on the skin, etc.
  5. Increased blood pressure or irregular heart rhythm in sufferers, who did not have them before.
  6. Swelling which does not vanish for some days.
  7. Pain in joints or different parts of the body.
  8. Mental states, such as hallucinations, severe anxiety, extra sensitivity or others.

Which interactions have been noted?

Almost all medical substances can be interacted with other drugs – as far as they have chemical origin. Effect from Phentermine can be increased or decreased when combined with these drugs: Isoprenaline, Ephedrine, Isoproterenol, Intropin, Effexor, Levophed, Epinephrine, Venlafaxine, Zyvox, Norepinephrine, and others.

As well, patients should be careful with alcohol or other substances consumption, which can dull reactions of the nervous system. Another important point is that such mixes are risky and can produce severe side reactions.

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