Soma (Carisoprodol)

Dosages: 350mg, 500mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Soma is represented on the pharmaceutical market as one of the most efficient relaxant for skeletal muscles. Originally it was discovered in the USA in 1950s; later on approval from the FDA was received. The Generic form is obtainable as well, and it is called Carisopradol. Medical specialists usually prescribe it for 2-3 week term of cure, although users can find it in some drug stores without prescription as well. In cases of acute aches in muscles, the drug should be combined with certain periods of rest and physical exercises.

General tips on dosing

In clinical practice professionals have found the optimal way of detecting healing amount of generic Soma, such as:

  • administer your pills in amount from 250mg to 350mg during the day in three equal parts, and the last one should be taken before the bedtime;
  • term of cure varies from 14 days till 21 days – this length depends on the condition itself and general state of health;
  • when it is time to finish the course, the dosage should be decreased little by little, and your healthcare specialist will choose the proper solution for you.

Stay safe with the drug and consider these precautions

Certain warning tips and precautions should be considered beforehand initiating the course of cure with Carisopradol, which are as the following:

  1. Cells of the human organism metabolize the drug into substance meprobamate – it is another kind of medication, which is a controlled one. As a result, the remedy can become risky in abuse.
  2. Severe convulsions can appear during the course, especially when certain other medicines are consumed. Thus, check with your medician the list of your prescripts or non-prescribed substances.
  3. Liver and kidneys are basic body filters, which normally remove unnecessary substances from organism. Complications of these organs can be the reason for extra medical examinations before starting Soma pills.
  4. Check your reactions during the course before driving or using heavy machineries – drowsiness as well as dizziness is a rather common condition during the therapy.
  5. Pregnant women should avoid any risks, and consult the medical specialist in case of remedy need. Breastfeeding mothers are better to take medical advice beforehand as well.

List of side effects, which are probable to happen

Various side actions may occur during generic Soma intake. Some of the more severe results can appear as palsy, acute tiredness and the unstable ability to feel coordinated, faint, irregular heart rhythm, convulsions and loss of eyesight.

Another group of the common side effects includes as well, such conditions: feeling dizzy or sleepy, acute headache and migraine, severe insomnia states or difficulties with sleeping cycles, feeling sick, and other problems with organs of the digestive system.

All the time seek to medical help if you feel any of mentioned complications, especially if they stay for some days.

Review of drug interactions

  • Soma can interact with other medical substances, which slow down processes in the brain membrane: alcohol beverages, benzodiazepine drugs (e.g. Ativan, Xanax, Valium, Halcion, Klonopin, Restoril, Onfi), barbiturates (Amytal, Fiorinal, Nembutal, Seconal), and narcotic substances such as opiates;
  • Such medications as Prilosec and Luvox are likely to decrease the elimination of Soma molecules, and may cause acute side effects;
  • Remedies for depression or anxiety, as well as sedatives;
  • John’s Wort perforate and Rifadin can make opposite effects – increase of the drug in the blood flow.

If you administer any additional healing or preventive substances – let your medical specialist know about any of them.

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