Zoloft (Sertraline)

Dosages: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg
Prescription: Not Needed
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Antidepressant range of remedies includes various pharmaceutical substances – one of them is Zoloft, which is also known under generic term Sertraline. The mechanism of its action is conventionally characterized as SSRI remedies. Healing parts of the drug provide special chemicals’ growth in brain membrane and ensure their ability to fight with depression troubles, acute anxious senses, panic diseases, as well as premenstrual syndrome.

How to define the needed amount?

Generic Zoloft is manufactured as tablets and oral concentrated substance – both forms are obtainable without prescription in various drug store services. Typical common amount for curing depression state is 50mg once per day. But other indicated sicknesses can be treated with different doses, which are usually detected by medical professionals.

The initial amount of the drug depends on the patient’s age and upon the user’s medical state. Removal half-life of Zoloft is 24 hours, thus modifications in amounts should not happen in gap less than 7 days. Like with otherwise psychiatric cures, a sufferer may become tolerant to the remedy. In such situations physician can enhance the basic amount and let this heal to keep acting.

Regard these factors before the intake

Zoloft tablets cannot be consumed by sufferers, who have hypersensitivity responses to active ingredients of the remedy. Avoid the cure in case you have administered MAO inhibitors (Linezolid, Selegiline, Tranylcypromine or others) in the last 1-2 weeks as adverse drug interaction may happen.

Report to your psychiatrist or physician whether you feel any of these conditions to safe your organism during the cure:

  • suicidal dangerous thoughts and/or drug abuse in anamnesis;
  • blood diseases, including blood clotting;
  • abnormalities in kidney and/or liver functions;
  • acute convulsions or epileptic states;
  • manic kind of depression;
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding.

During the cure you should schedule regular visits to your healthcare professional in order to study your body responses to this remedy. Family members or custodian should watch over your condition as soon as you initiate the therapy with generic Zoloft.

What side reactions can take place?

All medical substances have chemical genesis and can have minor or major side effects. If you do not feel well or if your condition worsens, you should apply for medical consultation as soon as possible. Such situation can mean that you experience a side reaction from Zoloft. But from another point, some complications may have a different genesis (for example, effects from other matters).

It is not worth to be alarmed by probable side reactions, as you may not feel any of them. But if you notice any of these abnormal states, which worry you, report to your healthcare professional urgently:

  • severe headache or migraine, feeling dizzy and tired, loss of some natural senses;
  • fast loss or increase of the weight;
  • uncontrolled sleeping cycles and/or sexual troubles;
  • abnormalities in eyesight;
  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • hyperactivity, acute tremors.

Eventual drug interactions with the cure

In order to avoid any risky situation during the healing, check with your medician whether other remedies you administer can interact with Sertraline pills. Most popular drugs, which were noted in interaction, include:

  1. NSAID pain killers or blood thinners (e.g., Coumadin) can induce bleeding in the stomach.
  2. Alcohol beverages are strongly forbidden during the therapy.
  3. St. John’s Wort is risky in increasing serotonin until abnormal level.
  4. Serotonin syndrome is likely to occur when Lithium and MAO inhibitors are combined with SSRIs.

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